Solidarity wine

This initiative is built around two solidarity wines, a red wine and a white wine. All profits will be entirely devoted to financing the projects that Acción Planetaria is developing in different countries and in its local project in Barcelona where dental care is offered to people with limited resources. The intention is that with every glass of this wine, society is being pushed to act to make the world a better place.



ACTUA! (Vi negre)
Every time you toast this young wine, one of the NGO’s projects takes a step forward. The Acción Planetaria Satipo solidarity canteen (in Peru) will offer one more plate on their table, or a child from Colombia or Senegal will have access to dental care.


• “SOBRAN IGNORANTES” (vi blanc)
With this white wine, the objective is to reaffirm the planetary feeling of cooperation and open arms which represents the values of the organization through its visits to countries of the world such as Guatemala or Senegal, but also with its daily work at the Barcelona Social Dental Clinic Les1001Dents serving people of all nationalities and origins so that they can have a beautiful (and healthy) smile.





Alella Vinícola and Celler Testuan bring their years of experience and their quality label to an initiative that wants to invite solidarity to the table with two wines that together encompass everything that Acción Planetaria stands for.

Acción Planetària
Acción Planetaria was born in 2004 with the main objective of offering dental assistance to groups with difficulty accessing care all over the world. The NGO has also set up a solidarity canteen in Peru where more than 60 boys and girls are served, offering food and training.

After more than 10 years working in international cooperation with poor countries thanks to the involvement of volunteer professionals in ontology and other fields, in 2016 she opened her field of action by broadening the profile of her volunteering. An NGO that wants to be a platform open to anyone who, through his planetary action, wishes to contribute to building a better world. It is therefore a participatory platform where everyone can propose their planetary action and, after having evaluated it, the NGO offers its support for it to develop.

Celler Testuan
Testuan was born from the friendship of a group of French and Catalans during a solidarity trip with the NGO DSR (now Acción Planetaria). Testuan celebrated its 10 years of experience in the wine world with the philosophy of preserving the wine tradition in DO Alella.

Testuan seeks to educate the younger generations on the nobility and love of working the land and on the passion for wine. By following these principles, they develop their wines in accordance with traditional practices, integrating current technology and setting up work processes in the vineyards that respect the environment.

Alella Vinícola
This modernist cellar created in 1906 in the heart of the DO Alella is currently run by Xavier and Samuel García. They take care of all the tasks related to the management of the cellar, from the vineyards to the marketing of wines and cava (sparkling wine).
Alella Vinícola produces around 90,000 bottles per year of ten different wines such as Ivori or Marfil, emblematic white of this cellar since the 1920s, in addition to encompassing various activities related to the world of wine and gastronomy. .


You can order these solidarity wines by contacting the NGO

Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia,  5
08012 Barcelona

(+34) 93 119 01 68